‘Eli’s portfolio is a stunning ensemble of eclectic but cohesive photographs. Technically, visually and psychologically, this series bring a lot to the viewer. The photographs are powerful enough that we do not need any subtext to read them. A brilliant catharsis for the viewers, a dark but enjoyable trip...’ Pauline Vermare (International Center of Photography, New York, USA)

Artist statement

Ilaria Moscardi

Ilaria Moscardi

This is for the ones that are not easily satisfied.

For those that do not want a smooth ride.

It is for the ones that go where others stop.

For those that look further and dig deeper.

This is for the ones that go beyond the surface.

Within photography, I explore humanity as I experience it. My images appeal to sensory perception more than to that of the mind. By using black and white, contrast or grain, a parallel world is being created. An abstract. A world in which light and darkness are allowed to exist side by side.

Curriculum Vitae 

Eli Dijkers (1978) graduated the Academy of Photography in Rotterdam in 2012 after having been awarded a PhD in Pharmacy. Since then he has been bestowed many recognitions, including multiple Honourable Mentions at the Black & White Spider Awards, Commended photographer in the Sony World Photography Awards and several Honourable Mentions at the Monochrome awards. He was winner of the Porta Coeli Artist Residency Award at the XIth edition of the International Contemporary Art Biennale of Florence and awarded Ilford MASTER in 2018, amongst Sebastião Salgado.

Eli graduated the academy of photography with his personal interpretation of the city of Rotterdam entitled ‘Temporal Existence’. Proceeding his graduation, he was one out of 12 photographers selected to document the city of Rotterdam. In addition he is author of the self-published book ‘Enigma’; a confronting series of images about daily life on the streets in India.

Eli his work has been extensively exhibited within the Netherlands and abroad. His first solo-exhibition at gallery Deelen Art, was curated by Sun Hee Engelstoft, editor to Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol. The grand opening was performed by Jacqueline Portielje from the well-known Dutch artist duo Schilte & Portielje. In 2018 his work on China has been on show for six successive months as a solo-exhibition in de Kunsthal in Rotterdam. In addition, his work has been on display in Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Denmark and France.

Eli is a member of the international collective Noise, Pictura and 'Dutch Contemporary Photography’.

His work is represented by Gallery Deelen Art.