‘Eli’s portfolio is a stunning ensemble of eclectic but cohesive photographs. Technically, visually and psychologically, this series bring a lot to the viewer. The photographs are powerful enough that we do not need any subtext to read them. A brilliant catharsis for the viewers, a dark but enjoyable trip...’ Pauline Vermare (International Center of Photography, New York)


Current and upcoming

De Kunsthal (solo), Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Opening: 17 March 2018

Gallery Porta Coeli (shared), November 20 - January 28, Venosa, Italy

Pictura, 'salon der leden' (shared), November 5 - December 15, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Rotterdam based artists (shared), November 18-30, Coolsingel 69 Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Florence Biennale (solo), Florence, Italy

De Bergse Kunst 10 daagse, 2 locations (solo and shared), Bergen, NL

Piet-Jan van den Kommer (solo), Stompetoren, NL

Sony World Photography Awards (shared), Somerset House, London, UK

Blank Wall Gallery (shared), Athens, Greece

Society Café (shared), Oxford, UK

The Printspace Gallery (shared), 29 June- 25 July, London, UK

Gallery Deelen Art (shared), 24 June - 23 July, Rotterdam, NL

Bob Smit Gallery (shared), Rotterdam, NL

R’DAM ARTFAIR (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Contemporary Art Fair Rotterdam (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Staal (solo), WTC building, Rotterdam, NL

'Absent Minded' (shared), gallery Deelen Art, Rotterdam, NL



Society Café (shared), Oxford, UK

HC Kunst Cafe, Schiedam, NL

‘Interrupted Dreams’ (solo), Galerie Deelen Art, Rotterdam, NL

Bergen 10 days of Art (shared),  Bergen aan Zee, NL

Schiedam Photo Festival (solo), HC Kunst Cafe, Schiedam, NL

'Rotterdamse avond', Gallery Deelen Art, Rotterdam, NL

Route du Nord with Southbound, Rotterdam, NL

Rotown with Southbound, Rotterdam, NL

Fenix II with Southbound, Rotterdam, NL

Lane House Arts Gallery, Bath, UK

PodiumGrounds Rotterdam, with Southbound, Rotterdam, NL

NHOW with the Kracht van Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

Point of streetview, Rotterdam, NL

‘De grote prijs van Nederland’ with Southbound, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL



Gallery Deelen Art, live performance with Andrea Renon, Lieke Verheul and Arjan Cabellut, Rotterdam, NL

Pictura (shared), Dordrecht, NL

Art The Hague (shared), The Hague, NL

North Sea Jazz, Ahoy (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Blank Wall Gallery (shared), Athens, Greece

PRO6 (shared), Schiedam, NL

Gallery Deelen Art, live performance with Andrea Renon, Iris Ton, Lieke Verheul and Tjebbe Zeeman, Rotterdam, NL

Realisme art fair for figurative and realistic art (shared), Amsterdam, NL

Gallery Deelen Art (shared), Rotterdam, NL



Copenhagen Photo Festival (shared), Copenhagen, Denmark

RAW art fair (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Gallery Deelen Art (solo and shared exhibitions), Rotterdam, NL

Laurenskerk (solo), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IJsselland Ziekenhuis (solo), Capelle a/d IJssel, NL


2013 and before

Dutch Photography Museum (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Rotterdams Schouwburg (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Outdoor exhibition Rotterdam (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Gallery Deelen Art (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Foto Nationaal Fotobond (shared, traveling exhibition), NL

IJsselland Ziekenhuis (solo), Capelle a/d IJssel, NL

Bibliotheek Groningen (solo), Groningen, NL

4MKB (shared), Zoetermeer, NL

Rotterdamse Schouwburg (shared), Rotterdam, NL

De Fruitvis (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Festival d’images (shared), Toulouse, France

Satellite exhibition Noorderlicht Groningen (shared), Groningen, NL

Photo gallery Rotterdam (shared), Rotterdam, NL

Bondsfotowedstrijd (shared, traveling exhibition), NL

AFV Daguerre (shared), Groningen, NL

Artist Talks

Fotoclub Zwijndrecht, Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands

Gallery Deelen Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

PhotoBath, Bath, United Kingdom

FWS Maassluis, Maassluis, The Netherlands

Art The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands

Fotoclub Vlaardingen, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

AFV Daguerre, Groningen, The Netherlands 

Deelen Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Fotoclub Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Fotofestival aan de maas, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Deelen Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bond Meester Klasse, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Deelen Art, Rotterdam,The Netherlands