In the exhibition ‘Chinese Journey’, the Rotterdam-based photographer Eli Dijkers takes the viewer on a journey through China. Dijkers is fascinated by this ‘Land of the Dragon’ that is undergoing such a fast transition that it seems to have changed with every visit. The photographer is an eager observer and nothing seems to escape his attention. On his journeys through Shanghai and Fujian he pays considerable attention to capturing his surroundings as well as people and animals. Dijkers’s images show a photographer in transit; often with a poetic gaze and always driven by an eager passion. 

Kunsthal 10 March - 19 August 2018.

Eli Dijkers Kunsthal

Winner of the Porta Coeli Artist Residency Award!

Very honoured to be winner of the Porta Coeli Artist Residency Award at the XIth edition of the International Contemporary Art Bienniale of Florence. The residency will be held in Venosa, in the South of Italy next year! Can't wait to make new work there!

Eli Dijkers Artist in residency.JPG

Interview in Shutr photo!

Very honoured by this beautiful interview by Diana Bokje on my work in one of the leading photography magazines in the Netherlands! Want to see the interview on paper? Buy your copy at the local bookstore.

Eli Dijkers Shutr
Eli Dijkers Shutr
Eli Dijkers shutr
Eli Dijkers shutr
Eli Dijkers Shutr

Welcome to a villa of art!

During the Art Week at Bergen, Parkhotel will be transformed into an epicentre of art. Don't miss this once only exhibition with a distinct line-up of artists!

Daily open from 11 to 23 hr.

Kunst Villa

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Magnum Photos

Very honoured to be shortlisted for the first Magnum Photos Swab Shop!


Selected for the Florence Biennale!

I feel privileged to be selected for the eleventh Biennale in Florence, which will take place at the Fortezza da Basso, from 6 to 15 October 2017.

Biennale Florence Eli Dijkers

New exhibition from 12 - 21 May

During the upcoming exhibition at Piet-Jan van den Kommer in Stompetoren (near Amsterdam), new work will be on display. The expo will run from 12 - 21 May. A selection of the work will remain on display for the next 6 months.

Exhibition address:

Piet-Jan van den Kommer B.V. 
Noordervaart 127
1841 GA Stompetoren

Eli Dijkers Art Photography  Piet-Jan van den Kommer in Stompetoren


Day 6 of the Rotterdam Photo takeover. 

Today’s image was taken in India. Each time I return to India, I remember my very first arrival at Delhi International Airport. Never having left Europe, I had no idea what to expect. Although India is only a 10-hour flight away, the contrast with Holland could not have been starker. A country with a population of over a billion, metropoles are the norm, and 77% of its inhabitants have to get by on less than one euro a day. Leaving the airport on foot I witnessed something I had never seen before. An adolescent walking on hands and feet, like an animal. His back broken like a twig in order to increase his begging income. India turned out to be a country where the dead lie lonely at the side of the road, waiting for someone to collect them, but also a country where a simple rickshaw driver seems happier than us. Often I wondered if I had not boarded a time machine instead of an airplane and had landed in the Middle Ages. The more time I spent there, the more this mysterious, mystical, and occasionally frightening country captured my heart. I keep coming back on a never ending quest for comprehension.

Eli Dijkers


Day 5 of the Rotterdam Photo takeover. 

This particular image is inspired by a famous image of my photographic heroes: Daido Moriyama. His picture of the stray dog is very well-known in Japan and can be found on a wide range of items; from coffee cups to duvet covers.

Eli Dijkers